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Added 5 days ago

Interview with playside MD Gerry Sakkas

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#Industry overview and intervi
Added 5 days ago

I am not a gamer myself but I can see there is a lot of potential in this fast growing sector. I found this interview to be a good industry overview and insight into potential revenue streams etc. It includes playside MD Gerry Sakkas.

A few things I found interesting :
-159 billion global games market growing at around 12% PA compound 
-2.6 billion mobile gamers with around 38% paying for them 
The industry is progressively moving to a freemium model, which basically means that the user can download the game for free and then choose within the game whether they want to pay for extra features or tools etc. I was a little surprised that around 38% of users do choose to pay. The monetization of a game is understandably increased with multi-player and engaging/ addictive games with the potential to generate ongoing revenue for many years.
Another comment that I found interesting is that e-sports and gaming will become the new sport. This is a challenging thought but it does make sense as there are a lot of the things that attract people to sport like social interaction (which is now a big part of the gaming industry), testing and building skills, competing in teams with and against mates amongst other things. I really value getting out and active with sports myself, but I have to admit it would be a lot easier and time efficient for most people to engage in and experience these things through gaming. 
Another thought is that growth will probably continue to escalate with the constant and rapid improvements in mobile devices and internet speeds and offerings 

Below is another interview with Playside MD:



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#Bull Case
Added 2 weeks ago

Gaming: PlaySide Studios could be anything, big market oppurtunity, speccy end, recent pull back, worthy of a punt...

A few links to some commentary on PLY

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